Farmer’s Egg Sandwich $4.45

sautéed egg with blackforest ham, gouda cheese,
baby arugula, avocado

Rustic Egg Sandwich $4.75

cracked egg with bacon, avocado, fig spread, peppercorns

Highlander’s Egg Sandwich $4.65

sautéed egg with blackforest ham, Gruyere cheese,
caramelized onion, mushroom tapenade

Bacon, Egg & Cheese $4.35

Garden Club Sandwich $4.85

bacon, veggie cream cheese, vine tomato, baby spinach, cucumber

Ham & Cheese Croissant $3.95

blackforest ham and Gruyere cheese

Wild Caught Alaskan Smoked Salmon $5.45

with veggie cream cheese, vine tomato

Hamlet Egg Sandwich $5.35

cracked egg, blackforest ham, bacon, gouda cheese, baby spinach, peppercorns

Deviled Egg Sandwich $5.25

sautéed egg with blackforest ham, Gruyere cheese, carmelized onion,
baby spinach, avocado, kream mustard

*All sandwiches can be served on gluten free bread

Breakfast Favorites

Cinnamon Babka French Toast $3.75

housemade cinnamon babka bread, sautéed in egg, dusted with powdered sugar

Organic Oatmeal $3.65

caramelized pears & apples, cinnamon, vanilla bean paste, dried cranberries, raisins, brown sugar, topped with Greek yogurt


Chicken & Gouda $7.45

with baby arugula, caramelized onions, pickle, horseradish mayo

Organic Turkey & Gruyere $8.25

with sliced pears, organic leafy greens, cranberry chutney

BLT $6.95

Blackforest ham, organic Leafy greens, vine Tomato

Chewheato $8.15

blackforest ham, gruyere cheese, spicy chipotle sauce, avocado,
sliced cucumbers, red onion

Cobb $8.25

ABF chicken, gouda, bacon, avocado, organic leafy greens,
sliced egg, cranberry chutney

Club Med $7.85

ABF Chicken, european feta cheese, red pepper hummus, cucumber, vine tomato, avocado, red onion, baby arugula

Parma, Ham & Brie $8.75

with sliced pears, baby arugula, fig spread

Caprese $7.25

fresh mozz, vine tomato, baby arugula, avocado, pesto, balsamic

El Rancho $8.25

organic free range beef, european feta cheese, vine tomato, leafy greens, caramelized onion, horseradish mayo

Red Pepper Hummus $6.95

with sliced cucumbers, vine tomatoes, baby arugula, avocado

Wild Caught Alaskan Smoked Salmon $8.95

with sheep cheese, sliced cucumbers, red onion, fresh dill

*All sandwiches can be served on gluten free bread


Rustic Cabbage, Potato and White Bean $3.75

Daily Soup $3.95


Harvest $6.95

Organic leafy greens, crumbled sheep cheese, sliced pears, dried figs, pepitas with maple walnut vinaigrette

Spinach & Feta $7.25

roasted red peppers, chickpeas, cucumbers, pepitas with lemon pepper, basil, vinaigrette

Daily Salad $3.95


Add Meat $1.50

Add Cheese $1.00

Add Egg $1.00

Add Egg Whites $1.00

Gluten Free Bread $1.00

* Kid’s Menu available upon request

Rustic Baguette $2.75

Rustic or Whole

Seed & Grain Loaf $3.75

Fruit & Nut Loaf $4.75